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SUV Camping and a Hamburger Delight in Freezing Temps




Here i'm doing an overnight trip in my Nissan X-Trail T30 SUV .


I have recently kitted out the back of the car with camping furnishings, window covers and a DIY Tailgate extension.


Check it out, if you like SUV camping then you'll love this!

New Video Release out NOW!!!  05.03.21

Winnerwell Nomad G1 medium Stove & Luxe Minipeak XL


Here is a video showing you what the Winnerwell Nomad G1 medium size stove looks like in the Luxe Minipeak XL tepee tent!


Hot tent evening in the snowy Finnish homestead, in the morning I cook some bacon & eggs on the Winnerwell stove with some black coffee! Hot tent heaven :)

n.b: The video also has a *WARNING about using the *Winnerwell Firemat on top of a plastic ground sheet!

New Video Release out NOW!!!  01.12.20

The Luxe Minipeak XL    'First Impressions'



Testing the Luxe Minipeak XL. Overnight with a wood stove & my thoughts on this popular tepee Hot tent.

Cooking some food on the stove top and enjoying the time spent in the warm tepee and taking it all in.

Showing you guys around the Minipeak xl

New Video Release out NOW!!!  02.11.20

Preparing for the coming Winter in Finland. Backyard chores. Cowboy coffee. Fireplace



This is how i prepare for the coming Winter. Lots of Backyard chores, from changing Summer tyres over to Winter metal stud tyres. Wood chopping and stacking.

Enjoying some Cowboy coffee while sitting in my homemade log chairs.

Check out my backyard, with it's Stone oven, huge Fireplace and Wooden log chairs.

New Video Release out NOW!!!  26.10.20


Hiya Guys

Just to let you know that may find it difficult to keep producing videos ever two weeks. The reason for this is i have a full time job working in a restaurant and Winter season is nearly upon us, so this is a very busy period work wise, and my free days are getting limited, but stay with me as i am  producing videos still, abiet at a lower rate. I plan on bringing more Hot tent videos in some snow covered forests here in Finland, where i will hike in with forest skis. The magical season is nearly here everybody :)

Many thanks for all your support

Simon :)

FIRST TIME HOT TENT CAMPING / Polish Laavu & a 18kg Finnish Wood Stove


Did I enjoy my first time in a Hot tent with a wood stove? What did I think of the Polish Laavu? How did the Finnish 18kg wood stove perform?


I spent a night in a Polish laavu, low morning temperatures, but thankfully I had a Finnish wood stove.

I also show my Tepee that I built 7 years ago and my outside Toilet, that I built 3 years ago. All built using materials from a forest in Finland.

New Video Release out NOW!!!  16.10.20

Stunning, Beautiful National Park, Lower LAPLAND, Autumn/Fall Season. Overnight Cabin. Wood Stove.


Welcome to Syöte National Park in Finland, the lower regions of Lapland.

Today I am hiking through a stunningly beautiful Wilderness with many Day Huts, Fireplaces, and an Overnight Cabin (which i stayed overnight in), along my route.

20 km of hard trail, amazing scenery, and a soul inducing love for this dreamy surreal experience.

This place is unreal, if you want to see beauty, come here! Honestly! ;)

New Video Release out NOW!!!  21.9.20

Hike & Overnight Hammock Forest Trip in FINLAND.


Tiilikkajärvi is a 34 km² National Park here in Finland. And we are going to explore a little part of it. Viewing amazing lakes and forest paths that take you to soft sandy beaches. The chose for this trip was my DD Hammocks superlight system.

Swinging freely among the tall Pine trees while watching a Time lapsed Sunset was a wonderful end to the evening. And in the morning enjoying a wonderful fire that put the scent of the forest back into my clothes. Come along and view a little of a Finnish National Park, some soft music adds to the film

New Video Release out NOW!!!  7.9.20 

FINLAND. National Park Hike 14 km. HILLEBERG MESH TENT & TARP 5. Overnight


Hiking a 14 km trail in 'Hossa National Park' ,Finland. Overnight camping using a Hilleberg Tarp 5 and Hilleberg Mesh Tent 1 set-up. Fires, Big lakes, Mosquitoes, Pine forests, Finnish Huts, GoPro 7 footage


If you would like to know more about Hossa National Park, Finland, you can click the link below for more information:




New Video Release out NOW!!! 24.8.20

Solo Overnight/Open Fire Cooking/Open Shelter the Finnish Loue



Cooking meat on hot coals, with potatoes, chanterelles & onions over a open fire. Overnight camping in the open shelter the Finnish Loue.


The Finnish loue is designed for use with an open fire in front of it, great for colder weather or less buggy seasonal weather. Enjoying the cooler weather here the Pine forests of Finland

New Video Release out NOW!!!   14.8.20


Hiya guys,

i just wanted to share with you a few pictures of Kaisa and mines recent overnight canoe trip to Tiilikkajärvi National park, here in Finland. We had a great time just relaxing, swimming and eating. Unfortunately i didn't film this one as we both just wanted to chill.  As always a big THANK YOU for visiting this page and for all your support. I hope you all had a great weekend and i'll catch you on the next one! Peace & Love Simon and Kaisa



Im looking forward to those colder nights in the Finnish Loue open shelter

What's your favourite Fall time shelterHave you slept outside before? Did you enjoy it? What was the coldest temperature you slept in?

Drop me a message on my Instagram/Facebook or head to my contact page and hit the keypads. I look forward to hearing from you :)

The Loue is designed for a fire to be in the front of the shelter, great for those colder bug free nights

This shelter can be supported in many ways. Two examples are below, but you can also tie the front to a tree via a long cord, this gives you a lot of room in front. When i have a fire in front of this shelter i tie my cord half way down the poles on both sides and pull outwards thus eliminating the cord in the middle, and then a fair sized fire can go in the center. 

How to make a TIN FOIL OVEN / CAMPFIRE PIZZA+ Dough Recipe


This video is about cooking a Homemade Pizza in a DIY Bushcraft Tin/ Aluminum Foil Oven. Using the hot coals from the campfire to heat the Tinfoil oven works really well. I've also included an additional video of my pizza dough recipe that i regularly use. It is shown at the end.


Pizza Dough Recipe: Makes two regular size pizza's 230 ml of warm water 40 degrees C (105 degrees F) 1.5 t-spoons of dried yeast 2 t-spoons of sugar 0.5 t-spoon salt 3 x 120 grams all purpose flour 2 tbl spoons veg.oil


New Video Release out NOW!!!  10.8.20