My main Shelters

I have used all of these shelters at more than one time or another, The only one that i don't use anymore is the Polish Laavu, and that's because it is quite a heavy shelter and i have been going through a transition in the last couple of years to lighten my base weight. My go to shelters for 3 season weather, are the Lanshan ii, my Hammock set-up (which i will go into more depth at some other time) and the Loue open shelter. Also from time to time i will just use a tarp on those less buggy days. During the Summer months i will also use the Hammock, Lanshan and the newest edition to the family, the Hilleberg Mesh Tent and Tarp 5. In the Winter months, i have to admit i don't do a lot of camping, but i do have a sleep system that will go down to -10c, so this is my prefered temperature. When it starts hitting -20c to -30c , then i feel it comes at a extra cost, literally A new sleeping bag for winter degrees is really expensive and plus if i drive to a forest track at -20c upwards, and sleep overnight,  i will also expect my car not to start in the morning, it's just additional issues that i feel it's not worth the Fun for the amount of Con's, (this is my personal reasoning).  

One of the newest additions is the Hilleberg Tarp 5, and i have to say this tarp is great for solo or couple hiking. It's great to throw in your bag on a day hike, as it only weighs 300g for a 3m x 2m shelter. I have used it a couple of times in bad weather while on a hike, and it is so easy to put up to protect you from the wind and rain.  

Left to Right: (1) The Finnish Loue, (2) The Lanshan ii Trekking pole tent, (3) Hilleberg Tarp 5, (4) DD Superlight Hammock & mosquito net, (5) The Polish Laavu, (6) DD Tarp 3m x 3m, (7) Tarp 3m x 2m, (8) The Salewa Alptrek ii mountaineering tent, (9) Hilleberg Mesh Tent 1.

My Backpacks

I have at present only five backpacks, and i rarely use three of them anymore. The reason? They are either to heavy or just not as comfortable for a couple of days or more of hiking, but for a day hike that isn't too far away and where i don't have to walk long kilometres i will occasionally bring them. But for this gear excerpt i will just concentrate on four of them, as the older one is in poor condition and needs some tlc.  So the one that i use the least of the main four is a 55 litre pack by Retki (Finnish brand) It is a great forest pack, in fact it may have even been advertised as such. It's tough and can take a lot of abuse. Great pack! And i actually used it on my "Solo Overnight/Open Fire Cooking/Open Shelter, the Finnish Loue" video. Click Here to watch!

My next best pack, which i used for many years is the 70 litre Osprey Aether. This pack is awesome and will carry a ton of gear, but with that size and packable space comes at the cost of the pack weight, 2370g for a Medium size. (2.37 kilos) (5lb 2.3 oz )

For my second best backpack i used the Exped Lightning 45 litre. This pack became my go-to pack when i first started to cut back on my backpacking gear. The Osprey Aether 70L was just too heavy and i only needed half of the space. The Exped lightning 45 is a great little pack, but what i didn't like was how the shoulder straps would dig in after a few kilometres walking, and i felt that i didn't have a particularly heavy pack. 

My overall best pack to date is my regular Osprey Talon 44 litre. I have the s/m size which actually make this bag a 42 litre pack, and it weighs in at 930g (0.93 kilos) (2lb 05 oz) This pack is awesome and if you have your gear dialled in, you can get a lot in here. Thanks to the Osprey suspension this pack feels featherweight. 


Left to Right:  (1) Osprey Talon 44, (2) Exped Lightning 45, (3) Osprey Aether 70, (4) Retki Forest pack 55

My Sleeping bags

I have three main sleeping bags that i regularly use. One for each season! Sometimes i will double up the Vaude Cheyenne with either the Marmot or the Cumulus, depending on the temperature, humidity and precipitation. 

Left to Right: (1) Marmot Trestles 0° Synthetic Bag weight 2401g (2.4 kilos) ( 4.7oz), (2) Vaude Cheyenne 700 Down bag weight 1500g (1.5 kilos) (3lb 3 oz), (3) Cumulus liteline 400 weight 800g (0.8 kilos) (1lb 9oz)

My Sleeping pads 

I have only one inflatable pad that i've had for years and it's the Thermarest Neo Air. Super lightweight, and great for backpacking. I've heard they have a tendency to blow out and puncture easily, but i haven't found that to be the case yet (maybe it will next time i use it lol) I have a couple of cell foam pads that work with the different shelters and for the different seasons. 

Left to Right: (1) Thermarest Neoair /shown inflated and pack size), (2) Similar to the Thermarest z-lite but cheaper(can't remember the name, sorry) (3) Closed-cell foam pad 10 mm thick, that i use for my Hammock, (4) Low density Polyethylene pad, ultralight 5 mm thick, for use in Summer months

 My Stoves *Coming Soon!

My LIGHTWEIGHT SUMMER GEAR:  For weights click the LIGHTERPACK button below & you will be taken to my page at

All my gear gets swapped around at some point and nothing stays completely the same, but you could say, this is my basic load out for summer. Occasionally i will take a Hammock instead of the Mesh tent, and sometimes i will take my Lanshan2 on other occasions. 

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