"In every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks"

John Muir

Hi, my name is Simon and i have a passion for the outdoors. It all started a long time ago when my mother used to take me to Snowdonia, North Wales as a kid. I fell in love with the place, the open fields and rolling mountains, lovely stone cottages neighbouring fast flowing streams. The smell of burning coal on the crackling fire will instantly take me back to the memories i have of there. I adore the place, and i have a longing to go back there someday.

I moved to Finland over ten years ago now, and i am truly amazed at the vastness of forests that this country has to offer.  I read somewhere that the forests cover about 83% of the country. There are 40 National Parks of varying sizes, and over 188,000 lakes. Apparently the amount of people in the whole of Finland is the same amount that populates the whole of london in the UK.  It's safe to say, i feel at home here. 

After i left London as a young man, i moved to the countryside in Somerset. There i lived for 17 years. Learning the countryside ways. It was the first time i used an axe to chop wood. The first time i prepared a fire. The first time i planted vegetables. Landscaping. The list goes on. In a way, looking back, i feel like it was my basic schooling for when i eventually moved to Finland. 

Finland has amazing nature and a very special law called 'Everyman's right' The freedom to roam. Very basically any person can have access to almost all public and privately owned land, lakes and rivers, for recreation and exercise. So basically you can put up a tent anywhere in a forest and sleep the night as long as there are no open fires and you are not too close to someone's property to cause discomfort. 

I have been visiting, playing, eating and sleeping in the forest's of Finland for over 10 years now and i am truly comfortable there. 

 One day i decided that i will start a YouTube channel and make films about this awesome place. I actually started it 5 years ago under a different name, but found i never had much time in the early years to proceed with it, but now i have a different perspective and a newly found passion to inspire people to get outdoors though film.

My goal with this Website and YouTube and my other social media is to try and Inspire people to step outside of their houses and take a walk in nature, whether that is in a park or to go to the woods or even a camping area. I really feel that we are losing touch with nature and therefore the essence of who we are, we need to connect again, and the only thing you need to do is to get out there, nature will do the rest for you. Surround yourself with fresh air, the trees, listen to the birds singing and the rivers running. Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment.